How to Write a TSW


What is a TSW?

A Technical Scope of Work, or TSW, is a written plan put in place to establish a clear understanding of how an experiment will practically function and each party’s roles and responsibilities. The preparation and consideration of a Technical Scope of Work (TSW) for each research effort, is a tool to help the facility accomplish its goal of flexible, and equal access to resources for all detector tests, with relatively low bureaucratic overhead but a guarantee of safety, coordination, and oversight. The TSW is signed by the experiment spokesperson, and acknowledged by Fermilab Division Heads, and Associate Directors. The scope of work is not considered proprietary information and is publicly released.

The spokesperson is the experiment's official contact and is responsible for forwarding all relevant information to the rest of the group, arranging for their training, and getting the necessary approvals for the experiment to run.


A template TSW can be downloaded here. Most of the document needs to be filled in by the experimenter. There are some limited instructions in green. You may find not all of the subsections are relevant for your experiment, or you may find additional subsections necessary. The examples here may also help.

For the Appendices

  1. Contact the Area Coordinator to obtain a map of the area you wish to occupy and discuss equipment set up. Please use it to create a jpg showing where you would like to put your apparatus, and then include approximate weight and dimensions.
    It is highly recommended you include as many pictures of your apparatus as possible. (photos, diagrams, mechanical drawings, etc.) Pictures of apparatus and set-up are greatly appreciated and will improve the Operational Readiness Clearance process.
  2. The Physics Research Equipment Pool (PREP) provides and supports electronic instrumentation for high energy physics research, according to their PREP procedures. For more information see the Electronic Systems Engineering web site.
  3. The Hazard ID Checklist MUST be the last page of your TSW. (It is included in the template.)
    • For an explanation of the categories on this checklist see theORC web page.