GIRA 2019 Results

The winners of the 2019 Graduate Instrumentation Research Award were:

• Xinran Li (Princeton) for “High resolution selenium imaging detector for neutrinoless ββ decay”.







• Yiou Zhang (Brown) for “Development of magnetic tunnel junction sensor array for detection of axion condensate – novel physics of dark matter”. *

* Supported by the HEP Quantum Information Science research program

The following proposals (alphabetical by last name) were given honorable mentions:

Tanner Kaptanoglu (University of Pennsylvania) for “Dichroic Winston Cones for large scintillator or water-based liquid scintillator detectors”.







• Austin McDonald (UT Arlington) for “Development of Barium Tagging: A Background Free Method to Search for Majorana Neutrinos”.











The 2019 GIRA selection panel was: M. Artuso (Syracuse), J. Asaadi (UTA), R. Guenette, chair (Harvard), D. McKinsey (UC Berkeley).