Sample Proposal Outline

My Title
Instrumentation Research Proposal
My name


1. Introduction

I propose to / develop a new instrument or technology to  / improve upon instrument or technology X / study or simulate detection method, instrument, or instrumental effect Y / etc. /

The / instrument / technology / method / effect / etc. / consists of A or does B.

I expect this project to take N years. The end product will be a / device / prototype / technology process / material / algorithm or simulation code / performance data and analysis / etc. /


2. Motivation and Prior Art

Such a measurement is limited by this or that [references]. The proposed development will allow to make a measurement this much better [references]. Prior devices did this [references].


[references] have found the following instrumental problem/disagreement/effect. This proposal will study the data/method/simulation/ to explain it. Prior explanations [references] are not conclusive.


[references] have proposed that X should behave this way, but no existing measurement tests this hypothesis [references]. This proposal will enable testing X.




3. Technical Details (titled as appropriate)

Description & figures of designs, prototypes, codes ,etc.


4. Qualifications, Collaboration and Resources

I have the necessary preparation to undertake this project because…

To enable this work I expect to / collaborate / consult / with…

They / have expertise in … / will by carrying out … / etc. /

I will make use of the / Q facility at … / data from experiment T / existing device or prototype Z / etc. /