Different particles and different experiments require different types of particle detectors. The Fermilab Detector R&D program aims to facilitate the development of new particle detection technologies that meet the challenges for the future of particle physics.

Fermilab routinely collaborates with other laboratories and university groups on a variety of projects.

The Detector Advisory Group meets regularly and advises the lab management on Detector R&D budgets and issues, as well as on the priorities among different R&D efforts.

Employees and users at the laboratory are encouraged and welcome to propose new R&D projects, that will be evaluated by the Detector Advisory Group. For more information on how to get resources at the lab follow this link: http://programplanning.fnal.gov/tsw_orc/

The EDIT Symposium has been held at Fermilab in March of 2018. Two weeks of instrumentation lectures and hands-on exercises, including at the Fermilab Testbeam Facility, were offered to 48 students and young postdocs from around the world: edit2018.fnal.gov