Detector projects

Fermilab routinely collaborates with other laboratories and university groups on a large variety of R&D projects such as:

  • Silicon Sensors
  • ASICs
  • CCDs
  • MKIDs
  • LXe DM detection
  • LAr TPCs
  • Calorimetry
  • Scintillators
  • Photodetection
  • Pico Second Timing
  • Readout Electronics
  • DAQ Architectures

These collaborative efforts leverage both the technical and infrastructure resources available at Fermilab, and the expertise and technical innovations of the wider community. Various multi-institution collaborations have assembled and tested their detectors in Fermilab’s detector assembly facilities and labs, making use of the convenient space, and of the technical and safety infrastructure and expertise.

Fermilab’s high energy test beam, the only such beam available in the United States, is a valuable resource to the worldwide detector development community. Another example is the partnership with LBNL which provides silicon sensor fabrication while Fermilab provides expertise in packaging into integrated detector systems, novel readout electronics, and testing.

Various visitor programs and a Research Techniques Seminar series facilitate the flow of information to and from Fermilab, and provide the opportunities to start new collaborative efforts.