CalVision is a collaboration of FNAL (PIs Freeman, Hirschauer, Merkel, Wenzel),  Argonne (Sergei Chekanov), Caltech (Newman, Zhu), CERN (Hillemanns), Lyon (Gascon-Shotkin), Maryland (Belloni, Eno), MIchigan (Qian, Zhou, Zhu), Milano-Bicocca (Lucchini), MIT (Harris),Oak Ridge (Demarteau),Perugia (Cecchi), Princeton (Tully), Purdue (Jung), Texas Tech (Akchurin, Kunori), U. Virginia (Hirosky, Ledovskoy).  Our aim is to work on pushing forward homogeneous calorimetry using multiple measurements such as wavelength, polarization, and timing to improve calorimeter hadronic resolution while maintaining state-of-the-art electromagnetic resolution, developing new lower-cost materials such as scintillating glasses, optimizing its incorporation into a future detector at a future accelerator, and developing novel particle-flow or machine-learning algorithms to best use them in particle identification.   We work in collaboration with the proposed IDEA experiment for future Higgs factories.

We welcome new collaborators.  Please contact Sarah Eno (  The Caltech, Maryland, MIchigan, MIT, Princeton, Purdue, Texas Tech, and UVA groups are funding by DOE grant DE-SC0022045.


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